Frequently Asked Questions

What are the travel dates?

Arrive by Tuesday evening in September after Labor Day, and plan to depart on Sunday. (The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival ends on Saturday night if that helps you make travel arrangements. Most travel home on Sunday.)

What are the Obligations of National Youth Storytellers?

To be honored as a National Youth Storytelling teller, youth storytellers need to come and participate in the national event by:

  • Performing in a Showcase performance prior to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival
  • Attend and participate in the opening social; get to know other storytellers
  • Record story at a recording studio
  • Storyteller Q&A
  • Perform at the Festival
  • Enjoy as much of the Festival as possible

Optional Events:

  • View the Story Crossroads Workshops
Is there a Conference or Workshop?

Story Crossroads is a sponsor of NYS. They offer a full-year membership to each of our
storytellers. They provide a sharable link to our storytellers, who review the content, learn, and grow in storytelling skills.

What is the Showcase?

We are pleased to have 10 youth participating in National Youth Storytelling this year. You will each have the opportunity to perform in a Showcase performance at a local library. Specific
information will arrive later; plan on those performances being the last week of August for locals. Those traveling from out of state will perform the same evening of our opening social.

How do my family and I attend Timpanogos Storytelling Festival?

The storyteller’s medal is counted as their ticket. Each storyteller’s Chaperone will receive a wristband pass to the Festival.

You may purchase additional tickets for friends and family at

Where do I stay? Do hotels offer a discount?

Please find discounted hotels listed under FAQs @ Please let us know if you are unable to find this information.
Some Utah attendees avoid traffic and stay at the hotels to be close to all events.

Do I need to rent a car?

Traveling families find car rental most convenient as events are far apart. There is public transportation to and from the airport and/or a UTA transit pass for use around northern Utah if you choose not to rent a car. 

What food is available?

Most families (especially the youth) prefer to purchase meals from the various restaurant vendors on site to avoid traffic and travel away from the gardens.

There are also restaurants and fast food facilities, too numerous to mention, near the Festival events and hotels. Something for every taste.

Sometimes sponsors offer to donate food for our tellers and their guardian.

What is the Storyteller Q&A?

During one NYS event, the young storytellers get to ask questions of the adult professional storytellers. Each of our NYS tellers should come prepared to ask at least one question to the adult storytellers, who will be headliners for the day and evening performances at the Festival.

Ask your questions about life traveling, writing, and telling stories as a professional storyteller.

This event is a highlight of National Youth Storytelling.

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