2009 NYSS Event

The 2009 National Youth Storytelling Showcase event was held June 2009, in Pigeon Forge TN.

The Showcase proved to be another outstanding year of youth storytelling. After the last performance storyteller Donald Davis approached all the youth and exclaimed, “These youth are amazing! They just keep getting better and better year after year!” Andy Offutt Irwin stated, “I fear for my job as a storyteller…these youth tellers will be getting all of my gigs!” All 15 youth tellers were fabulous with a quality of telling that could keep any audience spellbound. I would like to thank the City of Pigeon Forge, TN, Office of Special Events for giving the NYSS a home in Pigeon Forge and allowing us to take place in conjunction with the Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival. I would also like to thank the National Storytelling Network for their ongoing support for youth storytelling.

The results for the 2009 NYSS are as follows:

2009 Grand Torchbearer
Rixon Lane, Woodruff, SC

High School Division Torchbearer
Emilee Seaman, Owensboro, KY

Middle School Division Torchbearer
Wei Anne Reidy, Potomac, MD

Elementary School Division Torchbearer
Olivia Merryman, Catonsville, MD

Tandem Team Torchbearers
Rebecca and Sarah Bird, Dandridge, TN

Hayden Higgs, Denton, TX
Hannah Smythe, Nashville, TN
Sarah Filippone, Jefferson City, TN
Nate Robinson, Alpine, UT
Emma Wilczynski, Florence, KY
Nicole Corn, Newport, TN
Jacob Filippone, Jefferson City, TN
Ruthanna Rubin, San Antonio, TX
Caroline Miller, San Antonio, TX

Thank you to the parents of these youth storytellers for their support, encouragement, and commitment. Thank you to the youth storytelling coaches, teachers and NYSS state liaisons for providing storytelling opportunities to our youth and seeing the value and lifelong skill in exposing our youth to the art of storytelling.


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